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This noob brings some nooby iconses. :)

Hello, this is my first time sharing icons in an icon community... I'm a little intimidated by all of your lovely icon-making skills, but since I'm doing this whole "be more active" thing, I thought that instead of sitting and waiting for this comm to stir back to life, I'd just try to stir it back to life myself. And I'll try not to worry too much about what people will think. :P To be honest, I'm a complete noob when it comes to making icons, but with a lot of inspiration and persistance, I still managed to put some together. Not to mention, it was so much fun, I'm actually considering making more (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, lol).

There's only 8 of them, feels like there's little point of posting previews, so I'll just post them behind a cut. I apologize in advance if they're too horrible to look at or something, lol. Oh, and, they're all Sebastian (and Sebastian/PM). :P





Now, someone, post some more icons!

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The icons are wonderful!

Don't be intimidated by the others! Icon makers of all levels are welcome! :)
aw i think your icons are very lovely. thnank you for posting. =)