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Little Britain Icons

Britain, Britain, Britain...and Icons!

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to icons_lb, the one and only place for icons of all sorts relating to Little Britain!

The community is very new and is still in the works!

Rules and Guidelines:

Most important rule: No hotlinking other members images!!

1) All icon designers of all levels are welcome and this community is open to anyone but in order to post, you must be a member.
2) You can post as many icons as you like with three icons max as a preview and the rest as a cut. Fake cuts are allowed but please make a note of this.
3) You could add in a sentance or two to describe your icons. (optional)
4) Add your own credit notes.
5) If you do use other designer's brushes, textures etc, please remember to credit them
6) If you need specific screencaps or pictures, please email me.
7) Members, please respect each other's icons. No slagging each other's icons or using inferior language + swearing.
8) Have fun and remember that it's all about experimenting your ideas! Britain fights back!

  • You can post David Walliams and Matt Lucas Icons, Little Britain 'Friends Only' signs and banners etc.
  • You can use pictures from magazines.
  • Resources: Free hosting at Photobucket, TinyPic.

Updated on the 25th January 2008
Questions, further questions, suggestions, hotlinking problems, dust, do you do crisps? Email me at littlebritainicons@gmail.com.